Tweener Fund Resources (October 2023)

October 16, 2023
Scot Wingo

SaaS Valuation Data update from SaaS Capital

SaaS Capital takes all the public SaaS co's and swirls all the metrics to update the multiples.  This is important to all of us, because public valuations influence private valuations and SaaS being the most popular category influences everything else (FinTech, MarTech, Cyber, Consumer, Materials, etc.).  Thus, it's worth paying attention to.  The entire report is attachee, but if you want a TL;DR, here you go: 6.7!   Ok, here's a tad bit more->

Those of you that track this closely are probably saying, "But Scot, what about growth, scale and EBITDA - aren't they factors?"  Yes, yes they are, but you'll need to dig into the attachment to see all that.

The Triangle is ranked *?XX?* in growth for global startup ecosystems?


Ok, another attachment, here's the TL;DR->

Boom - we're number 4!  How about that?!  Look at our competitors in Austin, ATL and Nashville on there....oh wait, this is awkward,  guess they didn't make it.


Side rant: What's up with 'Raleigh' - how many times to we have to tell folks, please call us Raleigh/Durham, RDU, or Triangle, just not Raleigh OR Durham.  whomp whomp.  But as Mae West said, any press is good press, so we'll take the ink.

If you look at the criteria, a big one is 'deal count' - we like to think that Tweener fund (and of course, you all) played a role in this - congrats everyone keep growing, exiting and fundraising and we'll over-take Dubai, Detroit and Berlin - you're in our sites BBD, buckle up.

Thanks everyone, we're looking forward to seeing you at either the Oct 19th event and/or the November 6th event.

As always, if you need anything before then, we're standing by the 'Tweener Fund life fine' to help with anything you need,

Scot and Robbie

Tweener Fund GPs

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