Tweener Fund Resources (February 2024)

February 9, 2024
Scot Wingo

I've been head's down building and realized that my running 'items for the CEOs' had gotten large enough! Time for another blog post.  

********** Tweener Fund Q4 announcement and socials reminder ******************

We slowed down our investment pace a tad in Q4 given the headwinds we're now seeing in the early-stage funding space. We invested in 6 new companies: TrackX, Shipal, Sitebridge Research, Pluto Health, Altis Biosystems and Coprata - welcome everyone!  We also did follow-on investments in: Adwerx, Impact Karma, BlueCo and Belongly where we were happy to participate in new rounds, expansions and bridges.

Details here.   As a reminder, we always appreciate follows/shares and likes: LinkedIn is here and Twitter/X is here

********** 3 Local events to have on your radar  ******************

o Founder's Live - Feb 20, 5:30pm there's an attendee event and a pitch event.

o CED VentureConnect - March 20-21, VentureConnect is our regional pitch event put on by one of the oldest entrepreneurial groups in the country.   Details here.

o Raleigh/Durham Startup Week (RDSW) - April 9-12 -> learn more here. We'll be working on some Tweener List/Fund events and content - stay tuned, it's free!

**********  Venture/startup GPT to try out: VentureGPT ******************

Robbie found this cool 'GPT' (their new 'app store like thing') that has been trained on tons of startup/VC data. It's pretty solid - I found the best convos were it helping me get a list of VCs.  

Give it a try here - It just worked off the link for me, I have the lowest tier paid personal chatgpt/openai license so that maybe required, IDK.  Enjoy.  Let us know if you want us to try and build a Triangle-centric one!

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