Tweener Fund invests in Stashpad

August 11, 2022
Scot Wingo

Durham startup receives investment from Tweener fund and launches developer notepad.

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, August 10, 2022: Stashpad is excited to announce its investment from Triangle Tweener Fund and the launch of its developer notepad.

Stashpad (previously Bytebase) is a new notepad for professional software developers. Their mission is to help software developers stay in flow so they can do better work and enjoy the process.

Stashpad founders Cara Borenstein and Theo Marin are both software engineers (previously at Twilio and Nextdoor). They met while studying computer science at Columbia University.

Borenstein and Marin began their entrepreneurial journey in 2019  in the Bay Area with their first idea:  a better wiki for software engineering teams.

After interviews with hundreds of developers, they saw that developers had an even bigger need. They needed a better scratchpad.

“The scratchpad is where the bulk of developer work starts. And yet, for most of us, our scratchpad consists of a jumble of sticky notes, random text files, scraps of paper, and messages to yourself. The result is that developers are constantly operating out of a state of chaos. And it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Borenstein and Marin moved to Durham in 2021 to kick off development of their app. They were participating in the Techstars Anywhere program at the time. They love the quality of life that the Triangle offers and the access to top talent.

Stashpad recently closed investment from the Triangle Tweener Fund. Borenstein is excited by the opportunity to learn from Scot Wingo and Robbie Allen, who have experience turning tools developers love into great businesses.

Stashpad’s 8-person team is now working out of the American Underground in Durham.  

“We love the community of the AU. It’s great to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs. People are always ready to jump in and help out with a quick user test!”

The design of the app was led by Eli Williamson, former creative director at unicorn startup Netlify.

The app has all the features that developers expect of any tool – like code syntax highlighting and markdown support. It’s also specifically designed to reduce friction in common workflows – like seamlessly jotting something down on an unrelated topic.

August is the first month that Stashpad is now open to the public. Any developer can download it for MacOS, Windows, or Linux at

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