SAFE Deep Dive Webinar Recap, Replay, and Materials

February 24, 2022
Scot Wingo

On Thursday 2/23/22 we hosted our first Tweener Fund webinar with Neil Bagchi of Bagchi Law. You can see the backstory on ‘why’ here.

If you missed the webinar and would like to watch the < 50min recording there are two ways to do that:

First, is through this zoom link. The zoom passcode is: “4vvjwn=n” (not including the quotes)

Note the passcode starts with a ‘4’ and ends with an ‘n’ and Zoom can be very finicky if you cut and past a space before or after.

Because Zoom is finicky, the second option is via dropbox here (no password required but the stream viewer isn’t as robust.

Finally, if you are a podcast/audio type person and just want to listen, you can download the audio here.

SAFE Files for your reference

In the webinar, Neil took us through this presentation available for download.

Also, some more resources if you want to learn more about SAFEs:

  • The Y-Combinator SAFE page is here. (
  • I strongly recommend both investors and founders that want to learn more dig into the ‘SAFE user guide’ on that page.
  • Finally, Y-Combinator has this youtube video that does a great job of explaining SAFEs and priced rounds that you can find here.

In the spirit of the SAFE agreements transparency, for early stage investments where we are setting the terms, the Tweener Fund’s preferred flavor of SAFE is:

Thanks again to Neil and everyone who joined us to ask a great set of questions. If you have any lingering questions about SAFEs, leave them in the comments here and we’ll do our best to get you answers.

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